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Traders combined Insurance

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Traders combined Insurance

Traders combined insurance

If you operate a business from a location such as a factory then you will want a specific insurance policy known as traders combined to be in place to provide cover for the main perils your business could encounter. We have special agreements in place with insurers to be able to provide extremely competitive quotations, failure to have cover in place means your business is unprotected and can cause huge amounts of stress compared to being in the safe knowledge of being insured.

What is traders combined insurance?

There is a niche in the insurance industry which traders combined policies fill, for example there is specific cover available for shop insurance and office insurance but for those who work from locations like a factory it can be hard finding suitable cover. Traders combined gives a wide range of choice on the cover you receive such as buildings, liability, materials and so forth. This type of policy is more of a tailored solution where you need to specify exactly what you do and do not want covered.

Do I need traders combined insurance?

As previously mentioned, if you're operating from the grounds of a factory then you may have no other option than traders combined insurance since it wont be taken on under a standard shop or office policy and you will obviously want to cover the building and your liability at a minimum, even if you were not legally required to do so.

What information is needed to get an traders combined insurance quote?

You can get a traders combined insurance quote by completing one short form on our website and our dedicated staff will look over your details and provide you with a low cost quotation.


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