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Shop Insurance

Shop Insurance

If you are a shop owner then you no doubt have the constant worry about your building, stock, liability and the possibility of business interruption. Our shop insurance policy is a competitive package policy with a 12 month duration, designed to meet the demands and needs of the majority of retailers including restaurants, cafes and public houses who wish to ensure their business is protected.

What is shop insurance?

If you own a shop then you will want to insure it for multiple different perils such as the building for things such as fire and theft but also the stock which if anything were to happen to means you would be unable to trade. You also need to take into account public liability since were growing into a claiming culture and with the increase of 'no win no fee' legal companies it is more important than ever to make sure you have cover in place to protect against liability claims made by the public for an injury they recieve whilst browsing your shop.

Do I need shop insurance?

We highly recommend that you have insurance in place to protect your shop against things such as fire and theft which in many cases can bankrupt a business if they do not have insurance in place, is it worth having this risk on your shoulders when you consider how cheap you can get a policy for?

What information is needed to get a shop insurance online quote?

If you have a shop in the UK and want to get an online shop insurance quote then you only need to complete one short form and let us do all the searching for you to make sure you pay a low premium and have an excess which wont sting should you need to make a claim.



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