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Landlords Insurance

Landlords Insurance

We are an insurance broker with extensive experience in insuring landlord houses, with a full panel of insurance companies to place cover with we are able to provide some of the most competitive quotations online with extremely comprehensive cover.

What is landlords insurance?

Landlords insurance, also known as buy to let insurance refers to a wide range of cover available from buildings to contents and property owners liability. Obviously if you let a flat then you may already have the building insured under a joint insurance property with the owners of other flats within the property and therefore may require a contents only policy, however if you own a complete house then the chances are you will want to insure at minimum the building for its rebuild value. Property owners liability will help protect you against any injury the tenant recieves within your let property which they hold you liable for, this type of insurance is not to be confused with public liability insurance.

What is landlords building insurance?

A standard house insurance policy will not provide cover once you start letting your property, you need a specific building insurance policy for landlords properties (also known as buy to let building insurance) which provides cover against perils such as fire, flood, lightning and subsidence. Insurance for a landlords building usually includes additional cover such as property owners liability which is crucial for a property owner to protect themselves incase the tenant injures themselves in the let building.

What is landlords contents insurance?

Many landlords fall under the misconception that a buy to let contents insurance policy will provide cover for not only their own contents in the property but also the tenants contents when infact the only contents which are normally covered would be contents within the let property which are used by the tenant such as whitegoods and curtains. Most policies will generally exclude any cover for valuable items and contents owned by the tenant.

Do I need landlords insurance?

Landlords insurance is not a legal requirement in the UK at this moment in time, however most mortgage lendors would insist that the landlord has at least the building insured for major perils since they obviously have their own financial interest in the property. If you tenant was to fall down the stairs in your let building and injured themselves then they may try and hold you liable as the owner of the property which could result in legal and compensation claims in the thousands, without insurance in place to provide cover against such incidents you could loose huge amounts of profit or even become bankrupt to cover the costs.

What will I need to get an online landlords insurance quote today?

Getting a quote for cheap landlords insurance couldn't be easier, we have created a online facility which will provide you with a range of different policies with varying premiums and low excesses. To get a landlords insurance quote now simply click on the 'get quote' button which can be found on the top right of this page.



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