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Office Insurance

Office Insurance

Finding insurance for an office can be extremely difficult since it is a niche market, we have chosen to specialise in this area to provide competitive online quotes with cover which meets your exact requirements and provides strong peace of mind knowing that you have a comprehensive policy.

What is office insurance?

Being in charge of an office is a huge responsibility and failure to have it properly insured could result in huge financial losses and job losses for anyone working in the office. By using a broker to insure your office you can let people which specialise in this type of insurance work on your behalf to make sure you have cover in place which provide fully comprehensive cover for your business.

Do I need office insurance?

Landlords insurance is not a legal requirement in the UK at this moment in time, however most mortgage lendors would insist that the landlord has at least the building insured for major perils since they obviously have their own financial interest in the property. If you tenant was to fall down the stairs in your let building and injured themselves then they may try and hold you liable as the owner of the property which could result in legal and compensation claims in the thousands, without office insurance in place to provide cover against such incidents you could loose huge amounts of profit or even become bankrupt to cover the costs.

What information is needed to get an office insurance quote?

Stop searching around for a office insurance quote and just let us scan a wide range of insurers for you to make sure you pay a low premium, low excess and have cover which meets your demands and needs.



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