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Business Insurance

Welcome to the home of Ashburnham Insurance Services, we are an insurance broker based in Essex which specialises in providing low cost business insurance in the UK. We understand that an online quote facility is the way of the future which is why we allow you to enter your details for a quotation online and be provided with a quote for public liability insurance, landlords insurance, shop insurance cover, office insurance or a traders combined insurance policy.

What is business insurance?

The term business insurance refers to a very wide range of insurance policies such as public liability, landlords, tradesman, shops, offices and traders combined. Obviously each insurance product is very different and we realise that every company will have varying requirements which is why we not only offer insurance for large businesses but have dedicated time to offer a superb low cost small business insurance product for people operating within the U.K.

Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance If you are operating a business then you should consider having liability insurance in cover before proceeding with any work, you should consider this insurance policy as part of your operating plan after all failure to have a valid policy in place could bankrupt your business if the unexpected was too incur and you had no cover in place. Public liability covers any damage caused by the insured(yourself) to a third partys(the customer) property, a prime example of this would be if you were a plumber and whilst carrying your equipment into the property you accidently knocked over an expensive ornament. Obviously in a situation like this you will be held liable for the cost of repairing or replacing the damaged ornament to put the third party into the same financial position they were in before the incident occured. You can obtain a public liability insurance quote online today and put your mind at rest knowing that you have a policy in place to provide cover for such circumstances, not only that but you are covered for any injury you cause to a third party during the course of your occupation. An example of an injury claim would be if you were a roofer and accidently knocked a tool off a roof which landed on a member of the public and injured them, obviously such compensation claims can be for thousands of pounds.


Landlords Insurance

Landlords insurance Any responsible landlord will know the importance of having insurance in place to provide cover for their let properties. At a minimum we advise you have landlords building insurance to provide cover for the actual buildings against major perils such as fire since these are ultimately your main source of income and should the worst happen to your landlord house then you want to be safe in the knowledge that you have sufficient cover in place. Whilst buildings insurance cover may vary depending on your buildings location and circumstances you will generally be provided with cover against perils such as fire, lightning, earthquake, explosion and subsidence just to list a few. To make sure the insurance for landlords policy meets your requirements we recommend that you read the keyfacts and quotation details very carefully before proceeding with cover, if there is anything you are unsure on then you can call us and one of our dedicated advisers will be able to help you. Ultimately being a landlord is a business which generates an income for you to cover the cost of a mortgage you may have on the let property, the insurance policy is simply there to ensure you will be in the same financial position should an insured peril occur. As a broker we also provide landlords contents insurance because we realise that sometimes your buy to let building will be covered by another policy, such as one imposed by your mortgage lendor. When arranging landlords insurance for the contents of a let property it is important to remember that generally valuable items will not be covered but instead items such as whitegoods, curtains and carpets. Also the contents of the tenant are nearly always excluded by the policy, only contents in the house owned by the landlord but for use by the tenant would be covered.


Shop Insurance

Shop insurance Owning a shop is a very big responsbility, not only do you have to consider the daily running of the business but also insuring the property for perils such as the building, stock, public liability, employers liability, business interruption and employers liability insurance. This clearly shows the amount of work involved in an insurance policy, by using a broker you can let us search around to make sure you pay a low cost premium and receive cover which meets your exact requirements. As a shopkeeper you will want to know that your stock will be covered against things like theft and fire,afterall without any stock you have no way of making money! An example of an event which could cause business interruption would be if there was a fire at the property which meant you could no longer trade from the premises for a long period of time, obviously in this case you not only have to consider the damage caused by the fire but the loss of earnings due to the unexpected interruption in your business activitie. Public liability is included within a shop insurance policy and will provide cover against an injury a member of the public receives within your shop which you are liable for, an example would be if you left a some stock in an unexpected place which someone then tripped over and hurt themselves. UK legislation requires that an employer has employers liability insurance with a minimum £5,000,000 level of indemnity, however in reality most insurers offer a minimum level of £10,000,000 which surpasses the legal requirement.


Office Insurance

Office insurance Our office policy is a competitive package with a 12 month duration, designed to meet the demands and needs of the majority of professional offices who wish to ensure their businesses are protected. Optional extras are available which can be used to extend the policy cover to meet and wider business requirements. The main cover offered by the policy is contents, money, personal accident - assault, public and employers liability and business interruption. This is a comprehensive office insurance policy meaning that regardless of your circumstances you should have cover in place that meets you complete requirements. Whilst policies are obviously subject to changes meaning you should read the policy and quote details in full before proceeding with cover, at the time of writing the policy provides limited cover for stock, breakage of fixed glass and sanitary fittings, electronic equipment temporarily removed, replacement of locks following theft of the keys, removal of debris, theft damage to the office premises and loss of metered water or heating oil. The policy also offers cover for an injury to you or your employees following a robbery(during the course of your business). Operating an office without insurance would be an extremely unwise decision due to the several perils which all sit on the shoulders of an office owner.


Traders combined insurance

Traders combined insurance Our traders combined policy is designed to provide flexible cover for commercial and industrial businesses. If your turnover does not exceed £1,000,000 we may be able to provide a quotation under our business cover policy, you will need to ask for details on the possibility of this. Traders combined insurance is not suitable for motor traders, the plastics industry, precision engineers which have a turnover less than £5,000,000, property owners, shops, offices, pubs, restaurants, hotels and guest houses since we have specific insurance products available for these items seperately. The difference between a standard factory insurance policy and traders combined is that you generally have the choice of additional cover such as covering your liability, goods in transit, loss of business money, personal accident following assault and risks on specified machinery.

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